Welcome to my website. I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples and groups.

I work with clients who have endured painful life experiences and are motivated toward greater health and well-being.

Together we will explore how past events can create patterns that contribute to feelings of distress and relationship difficulties today. As you develop new insight and understanding about yourself through therapy, you may find more balance in mind, body and spirit, and a greater sense of freedom.

Navigating life is difficult, and painful life experiences can cause us to feel discouraged, alone, unworthy or abandoned. Sometimes the reason for struggling is unknown, or perhaps there has been an experience of loss, abuse or the repetition of destructive life patterns.

If you desire to experience more emotional freedom and to live life more fully, then I invite you to contact me. 

My practice is supportive to persons of all faiths and walks of life and is open and affirming.

6544 Ferguson St.
Indianapolis, IN  46220


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